What is beer die? How do you play beer die?

Beer die is a legendary 2 vs 2 drinking game in which players toss a die up in the air and onto the opposing players side of the table, in hopes that it bounces off the table and onto the ground without the opposing team catching it. This is how points are scored. The defense cannot reach over the table and must let it bounce off. 

Where is beer die played?

Beer die is enjoyed at college campuses across the world and even played post graduation.

What is the best gift for a college student?

A Big Dave Beer Die table would be one of the best gifts that you could get a college kid.

What do college students want most?

A Big Dave Beer Die Table is something at the top of each college student’s wish list.

What do you get a college kid for Christmas?

Cash, food, and a Big Dave Beer Die table.

What is the best gift for a university student?

A Big Dave Beer Die table would be going above and beyond but fulfill the students deepest wishes. 

What are the rules of beer die? The rules of beer die are outlined on our rules page. Feel free to print it out if you’d like. 

What’s a good gift for college students?

A customized beer die table would blow them away.

What is a sloppy die?

Sloppy Die is ruled when teammates fumble and drop the dice on the ground when simply handing the die to one another… say for example when it’s their turn to toss…player A tries to give the die to their teammate, player B, and they drop it. “Sloppy Die” everyone will shout. 

How to play beer die at night?

String lights go a long way. Glow in the dark dice will still be a difficult situation. 

How to play indoor beer die?

Sitting down…using a standard Big Dave Beer Die table is perfect for indoor use. Play in the living room, on the porch, or in the yard. The options are endless because of our sizing at 2 feet by 4 feet. 

How to play sitting beer die?

You play while relaxed, sitting down on a chair, tossing the dice up above head height, as the defenders scatter to catch the die. You can leave your chair to play defense after the die hits the table. 

Where did beer die originate?

This is a mystery we are attempting to solve. Please send us your oldest beer die photos to dave@bigdavebeerdie.com

Is beer die a sport?

Beer die is not a sport but something that all former athletes enjoy playing. 

How much is it to make a beer die table?

Purchasing new materials, plus labor… the total cost to build a a table will be in the 200-300 dollar range for smaller tables and closer to 900 for larger tables. 

Why buy a beer die table?

You’ll want to buy a beer die table for two main reasons… the first is that you’ll get guaranteed quality from Big Dave… and the second is to save time and frustration building your own. The total cost of building your own will be close to our listing price plus labor. 

How do you make a wooden beer die table?

Table Top + Legs + Paint + Finish 

What type of wood is best for a beer die table?

Pine is one of the most popular wood used. The harder the wood the more bounce the die will have. 

What size is a beer die table?

2 feet by 4 feet for sitting beer die. 4 feet by 8 feet for standing.

What can you use as a beer die table?

Any rectangular table that a die can bounce on. 

How tall should a beer die table be?

18 inches for sitting. Around 3 feet for standing. 

How do you throw a beer to die?

Underhand throw the dice up in the air, aiming to land on the opposing teams side. If playing on a large table the height requirements are typically higher near 9-11 feet . 

What happens when the die lands on the table? 

This is ruled a “social” and all players must have a sip. 

Can you use your body in beer die?

Yes and no. The die can bounce off the body but you can not trap the die against your body. 

What is phipha in beer die? It’s when you use your foot or leg to pass the die to the other player for the catch. This is a newer thing in the past 10 years. Old school beer die players shake their heads in disgust. 

What are the dimensions of a beer die table?

Two feet by four feet or 4 feet by eight feet. 
Eighteen inches tall for sitting, three feet for standing.

Big Dave Beer Die vs the Competition 

We set the standard for quality in the beer die world. Our tables are hand made with love using the highest quality material and parts. We make tables of all sizes and can custom build to your liking.

How many points do you play to in beer die?

7 is standard. 11 for some people. 21 for others. 

Beer Die or Beer Dye?

My goodness don’t even get me started on this one. Die is singular for dice. Dye is liquid you stain things with. 

How do you play the dice drinking game? The dice drinking game is called beer die, silly goose.

Do we have fun building beer die tables? Yes we do.