Beer Die Rules - How to Play Beer Die on a 4 ft. x 8 ft. Table

Big Dave Beer Die - The Original Dice Catching Game™
The below are our “house rules” when playing standing up on a 4 ft. x 8 ft. beer die table 
We take deep pride in the simplicity of the rules.
Have your own rules? Feel free to adjust as needed.
  • Format/Objective - Two against Two - Alternate Shot - Play to seven, nine or eleven. Must win by two points. 
  • Material - Four Cups with your preferred liquid - One die (Or two) - Four Chairs/Stools, Table (Size - 4 ft. x 8 ft.)
  • How to Play Beer Die - This is a team-oriented game where players are forced to yield both quick-reflex catching skills as well as poetic and accurate underhand tossing skills. You stand alongside your partner on the short end of the table, with a cup of liquid in each corner and the goal is to try to score points as fast as possible by throwing a die to perfection and/or playing amazing defense.
  • How to Start Beer Die - Who goes first? - Have four people ready to go? Roll the dice and have the opposing team call evens or odds, if they guess right, they start. Have a bunch of people who want to play? Everyone rolls the dice...the two high rollers play against the two low rollers.
  • Offense - Underhand Throw the die up into the air (above discussed height and aim for it to land on opposing teams' half or even better in their cups! Quick tip! Minimize short throws and missed tables to increase chances of winning! 
    • One point - Defense drops die after bouncing off table or cup.
    • Two points - Offense makes die into cup - on the fly or bounce
    • Throw height is below top of heads - Turn wasted
    • Thrown die lands on own half - Turn wasted
    • Thrown die missed table. Turn wasted.
    • Thrown die lands on the table. Social. 
  • Defense - Catch the dice as it bounces off the table. Do not reach over the perimeter of the table. If you do, the offence gets a point. Wait until the time is right to snatch the die.
    • Communication with your partner is key.
  • Play inside or outside. Must be 21+ when consuming alcoholic beverages. 

Beer Die Etiquette

# 1 Be a good sport. Play with integrity, honor and passion. 
# 2 Don’t grab the die over the table. 
# 3 Ask the owner of the table what their house rules are.